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What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial Massage is a type of massage that is known to soothe pains and heal injuries. It is commonly used to soften hard muscles in the body.


remedial massage to alleviate pain

Remedial Massage to Alleviate Pain


What is Remedial Massage?

Massage is considered to be the oldest form of physical medicine. It has been considered by many as a viable alternative in the treatment of physical conditions or bodily injuries. Through the years, different techniques have been introduced, each with the goal of making it more effective in providing relief for a specific condition.  See overview of remedial massage.

Among others, one of the most popular types of massages is remedial massage. It can provide a holistic treatment for aching bodies and impaired or damaged muscles. One of the most trusted and top remedial massage in sydney – healed by hands.

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The main premise behind remedial massage is the assertion that soft tissues, which include tendons, ligaments, fascia, and muscles, will be highly responsive of touch. This kind of massage is a varied therapy and utilises a variety of techniques to deliver a high level of effectiveness.

Remedial massage is often recommended for normal people and sports people who have the following conditions, among others: cramps, muscular spasms, jaw pain, neck pain, back pain, tension headaches, delayed onset muscle soreness, tennis elbow, arthritis, scoliosis, sports injuries, muscle pain, achilles tendon, tendinitis and frozen shoulder, among others.


Benefits of Remedial Massage

Among others, it is known for the improvement of circulatory and lymphatic systems. Because it is able to encourage a better flow of the blood, it is essential in the improvement of lymphatic system and the reduction of swelling or pain. This kind of massage has also gained a reputation for its direct impact on your muscular system.

It stretches tight muscles, relaxes overused muscles, prevents spasms, and encourages tissue regeneration. Remedial massage is also believed to be an effective treatment for inflamed or damaged joints, especially for people who are often suffering from arthritic pain. Lastly, remedial massage also has hormonal benefits.

It is claimed that massage will help in the improvement of dopamine and serotonin, which are mood-regulating hormones. It will not only positively affect your emotion, but will provide you with energy as well. This explains why relaxation massage and de-stress massage works well for students specially before exams.


Maximising the Benefits

In spite of the benefits that have been mentioned above, the effectiveness of remedial massage can be influenced by a number of factors. Among others, one of the most important would be the presence of a qualified and trained massage therapist.

The massage should be performed by someone who is knowledgeable about the pressure points that should be targeted and should be able to provide you with a soothing and not painful massage. If you have mobility problems, remedial massage should be done daily to take advantage of the benefits it can deliver.

For those who have been involved in physical injuries, on the other hand, remedial massage should be done at least 72 hours after ice therapy. The duration can be anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes per session, depending on the problem.