Your Body and Muscle Maintenance


Welcome to My Remedial Massage website! This website is about remedial massage and massage therapy in general.
In here we are going to show you what massage can do to make your body feeling good. Not just feeling good but feel vibrant and at the same time relaxed.
Massage is not only for relaxation. There is a lot of misconception in the general public about what massage is.
People have different opinion and imagination when they hear the word massage.
What comes to your mind when you hear “MASSAGE”?

I know a massage therapy practice here in sydney that gets wierd phone calls, like asking or requesting for totally inappropriate service.
Well what can you do? there are a lot of ignorant people out there. As both practitioners and customers looking for legitimate practitioners and customers, there are few things that you should take note.

PRACTITIONERS: Either phone, email or in person enquiries – be polite to them. Don’t lose your temper and be patient. Just be straight forward that you don’t provide the service that these people are looking for.

CUSTOMERS: This one is easy, make sure therapist are dressed appropriately. Check and ask for qualifications and look for the business registration.


Right now this website is very new, so please be patient and we will be filling it with more informative and interesting information.

Bye for now!