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Effective Massage Therapy Techniques for Lower Back Pain

If you’ve ever suffered from lower back pain, whether mild, or chronic, you won’t need anybody to tell you just how awful it can make you feel and just how much it can affect your life on a daily basis. Lower back pain is actually pretty common and will affect around 40 – 50% of all people by the time they’ve reached 40 years of age.


Massage Therapy Technique for Back Pain

Massage Therapy Technique for Back Pain


It is painful, it can make even the simplest of tasks such as sitting down, bathing, or getting into bed, an extremely painful ordeal, and it can strike suddenly, for seemingly no reason at all. To deal with lower back pain, many people rely on painkillers but that is not a healthy option as to begin with the painkillers do not fix the problem, they only mask the pain until they wear off, and secondly too many painkillers can be bad for our bodies in general.

When it comes to lower back pain, massage therapy or also can be called remedial massage has proven to be, without question, one of, if not the most, successful treatments for dealing with lower back pain. Here we’ll be looking at a few of the best massage therapy approaches for lower back pain, and a look at the various advantages these techniques have to offer.

Therapeutic back massage – For therapeutic back massage therapy, patients will be required to lay face down on a firm, yet comfortable surface such as a massage table or failing that, a floor mat. The room will be warm, it will be quiet, and it will be a relaxing environment, complete with relaxation music. Next, the masseuse will apply massage oils to the back to reduce friction upon the skin and will begin to massage the back in a slow but firm manner.

The main benefits of this technique is that the patient will be relaxed and so tense and stiff muscles within the back will also relax as a result. The technique also increases circulation, as does the warm environment, which helps with the removal of toxins, and helps increase oxygen and nutrient transportation throughout the body via the bloodstream.

Deep tissue massage – Deep tissue massage targets connective tissue and muscle layers which are found much deeper under the skin than most massage techniques are able to reach. For chronic pains and aches, particularly chronic lower back pain, deep tissue massage has proven to be one of the most effective massage techniques currently available. It is very similar to a therapeutic back massage, in terms of technique, but the main difference is that the pressure created by the masseuse is much more concentrated on affected areas and is much deeper. The strokes are much slower as well. It is also a remedial type of massage see the article on the home page my massage.

Deep tissue massage break down and remove muscle adhesions in the lower back, which can cause circulation and swelling. When these adhesions have been broken down and removed, circulation is improved, swelling goes down, and improved movement, mobility, and flexibility can be obtained. The massage is pretty hands on and rough, with patients experiencing some levels of discomfort during the technique. The end results are well worth it however.

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