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Massage Therapy Helps Heal Sports Injuries

The human body is quite amazing considering its potential to overcome various injuries, adapt to stress and repair almost every part on its own. The ability of the body to adapt to stress can often be seen in how exercising causes muscle growth and a change in physical appearance. Physical injuries can be quite painful and without the necessary treatment and rehabilitation can have permanent negative effects as the body adapts to them. Remedial Massage therapy for sports injuries can be used to enhance recovery from injuries as well as avoid the development of any permanent physical deformities and most importantly chronic pain. Below we will look at some of the functions of massage therapy for athletes suffering from sports injuries.

Pain Relief

First and foremost, massage therapy is one of the main ways to release endorphins in the area being focused on allowing for natural pain relief. A massage is in its simplest form relaxing and relieving. This relief can be great in reducing the discomfort often caused by deep tissue injuries. Muscle sprains and injuries tend to be quite painful; the situation can be rescued by turning relieving massage therapy.

Promote Proper Healing of Injuries

Sports injuries can come in the form of muscle injuries and tears, and/or broken bones and fractures. Muscle tears are often associated with the formation of scars as healing progresses. Massage therapy aimed at specific muscles will help stretch the muscle and break down the scar tissue. This will bring back the normal range of mobility as well as remedy the pain associated with reduced blood flow in the scarred muscle. The muscle is stretched in length and width to break down the scar tissue regardless of where it is located on the muscle. Broken bones on the other hand usually lead to reduced mobility in the adjacent muscles during the early healing period. A muscle massage will help return strength and mobility to these muscles.

Faster Healing

Massage therapy is designed to enhance the blood flow to injured muscles. The pressure applied on the muscles helps create a vacuum of sorts as fluid is pumped out, and fresh blood sucked in to fill it. This fresh blood is usually rich in nutrients, which enhance the self-healing properties of body tissue for faster healing. This is especially important in promoting the health of the injured muscle. Injured muscles usually contract and push out blood, but a massage therapy session designed to remedy sports injuries is guaranteed to work wonders in this regard.

Massage therapy techniques designed to remedy sports injuries vary depending on the injury. The therapist focuses on specific muscle groups to heal the injured tissue as well as avoid the recurrence of previous injuries. Warming up muscles and relieving tension after exercise can also be included in the massage therapy session for the best muscle health.

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