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Let us see what Reflexology is all about

Reflexology is a pretty ancient technique and is widely gaining popularity all over the world because of its effectiveness in solving the smaller ailments of the human body. Reflexology works on the principle of applying pressure at certain points in the hands and the feet which are connected to the part of the body in which you are suffering from pain or any other ailment and due to this pressure, the ailment is solved. Reflexology does not just work on the application of pressure but there are many different type of oils and creams which are used along with applying pressure to specific points in the hand or feet.


Foot Reflexology Massage

Foot Reflexology Massage


These techniques are being used all over the world since centuries and even before the invention of modern medicines. We would be discussing about some of the advantages of reflexology and why you should be using this technique to treat the smaller ailments.

Reflexology, as the name suggest is related to the reflexes of our body and in particular it is related to the baroreceptor reflex which is responsible for the balance of your body and with this technique of reflexology this reflex becomes even more efficient and therefore helping you in maintaining the vital systems in your body like maintaining your blood pressure and maintaining the blood circulation in your body as well.

When there is proper blood circulation in the body, the nutrients which are present in the body also supplied to various parts of the body and you can ensure that the organs and the various systems in the body would be able to function properly.

Reflexology also helps in solving the problems related to the brain like insomnia and to calm down a person as well. If you suffer from a lot of stress on a day-to-day basis, reflexology can help you in keeping calm and protecting your mind from the stress which you suffer on a day-to-day basis.

The main advantage of reflexology is that it is a completely natural method and does not use any harmful medicines which can have an adverse impact on your body. If you’re suffering from chronic pain in some part of the body or if you’re suffering from problems like insomnia, it would be a good idea to opt for reflexology instead of opting for some of the harsh medicines which might have a negative impact on your body as well. Reflexology can provide you with physical as well as psychological benefits thus healing you in both the spheres.


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